How Layla came to join us <3

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Zac was a bit of an internet celebrity, so I setup a facebook page for him to keep his former foster parents, people of his rescue organization and everybody else who was interested in his story up to date 🙂

Sometime in summer of 2013 Layla’s foster Mom to be posted a picture of her on Zac’s facebook page with the comment:

“Layla says hi to Zac”


The picture shows Layla right after her surgery – they had to amputate her hind leg to save her life because it was badly infected.
In the beginning they weren’t even sure she was going to make it 🙁

Layla had been dropped off at the same shelter in Greece as Zac, with some kind of flesh eating disease in her back paw.
She also eventually found her way to a foster family in Germany …

My first response to this post was – “Hm … Interesting” 😉
But I was not looking for a second dog at that time …
Zac and I enjoyed our one on one time <3

So I kept Layla in my mind but did not closely follow her recovery and further development.
I don’t remember the details of my thought history but eventually I came to the conclusion that Zac needed a sibling to play with and that Layla should come stay with us – if they were able to find someone to bring her to Vancouver or Calgary – I could not afford traveling to Germany another time (that would have been the fourth trip to Europe in 2013!), and shipping Zac with a professional pet shipper would have been as expensive as my complete one week trip to pick him up myself, so not really an option either …

They indeed found someone who was flying to Vancouver and was willing to take Layla along 🙂
So Zac and I drove 10 hours to Vancouver to meet Layla around noon on Dec 3 of 2013 🙂

This is Layla right after her arrival at YVR – she was still rather skeptical:


And this was during the 10 hour ride home – her foster Mom had sent that stuffy with her for the flight <3


Zac was totally happy to meet his new sister at the airport – she was not impressed with his forward happy personality at first, but it actually didn’t take long for them to become best buddies <3

I took these pictures just a few days after Layla’s arrival 🙂



(Layla was wearing a vest of mine during the cold snaps of -20C / -4F, as she came more or less directly from Mediterranean Greece to these arctic temperatures, with only 2 weeks layover in cool Germany, she had no protective fur whatsoever … )

Layla’s foster Mom was a professional photographer, so she took some real nice pics of her that I would like to share with you – she looks rather ladylike in those – but by now she’s no lady no more – she rather rolls in mud and uses eau-de-horse-poop as her favorite scent 😛
So there weren’t and won’t be any more ladylike pics of my Layla girl since she came to live with me 😉

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Even though I may not seem close to as excited as when Zac came to me – I’m super happy to have her in my life <3
Zac was my first dog ever – and I’ve always wanted a dog since I was three years old – and no – I won’t tell you how long ago that was 😛
I still feel like I have the world’s two best puppies in my house – they are the perfect fit for me <3

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4 thoughts on “How Layla came to join us <3”

  1. Wow, those professional photos of Leyla show her beauty and the one in the car seat shows her asking “Are you my new mom?” I love that look. And now Zac as a best buddy! What more could a dog ask for? It looks like a perfect fit. Congratulations!

    Kerren and Tri-kitty Mona

  2. Tripawds, ya can’t have just one 😉

    We have three in my pack….

    Just got caught up on your blog. Love the photos and your story! Zac and Layla are two lucky pups!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

  3. Holy Moly talk about winning big! Layla has is MADE! What a great life this girl fell into, the Universe was definitely looking out for her, as well as you and Zac. I’ll bet that look of uncertainty went away pretty darn fast.

    She is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing her story.

  4. Wow what a beauty!!!!!!!! I just need to know what is he breed or mix or whatever!!! She is gorgeous. You have beautiful furfamily.

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